23 Oct 2014

Tropical Memories - P 10039 R

This record is a 10 inch.
I can't really find anything online about this record.
I'm guessing it's 50's-60's recordings (if you know feel free to contact me and I'll add the information)
I found this record on Queensday in Rotterdam some years ago.
The records the lady was selling didn't really look in good shape, but we took a look anyway :)
I immediately loved the sleeve. And when I saw it had krontjong tunes on it i was interested in buying. The lady asked 4 euros orso and I rembember thinking it was kind of alot for something that was in not such good shape and might even skip, but the sleeve was well worth it.
And I'm so glad we bought it.
I love this period of krontjong. Actually the older the better. The pops and crackles make it even prettier in my opinion.
Recordings from The Kilima Hawaiians, "Bintang Sinar" and The Mena-Muria Minstrels.
Have fun listening and I hope it warms you up on these colder autumn days X

3 Mar 2014

The Young Savages - Kotek Kotek/Tjelana Djenki

Whilst recording a new batch of records for the upcoming weeks I am posting another 7inch today.
It's a 45 by The Young Savages.
I bought this at one of the biggest record fairs of Holland. So unlike the previous records I've posted I didn't really stumbled upon it.
Nonetheless definitely worth posting it!
The songs on both sides are Indo-rock.
Kotek Kotek is a big hit ;)
When my brother and I first heard this song when we where young it made us laugh hard :D We had no idea what they were saying but it sounded so funny to us.
Now I understand a bit and I also understand why it made us laugh.
The song is originally a childrens song and they are singing something like "the chicken (ayam) says..Kotek Kotek.." It's a simple tune. So I guess our instinct was okay.
The Indo-rock version of The Young Savages is very nice! And like the version I heard when I was a kid it still makes me smile. A cheerful tune!
The b-side Tjelana Djenki is also great, which makes this 45 absolutely worth having.

Have fun listening!

23 Feb 2014

The Favourites - Lelaraning Ati - Keroncong Jawa Volume I

Today I will post an album by The Favourites.

The songs are written by Harry S. and Is Harjanto, the same dudes from the band Two Faces (my first post), and are modern krontjong, pretty sweet and melancholic.
Perfect for a lazy sunny sunday if you ask me.

Hope you enjoy it!

11 Feb 2014

The Tielman Brothers - Maria/Marabunta

The Tielman Brothers are the best known Indo-rock band there is.
These brothers absolutely rocked bigtime in de sixties!
In this video you see them going wild on stage.  They had such a great energy it makes me wish I was there in the crowd.

I could write all there is to know about them, or Indo-rock in general, in this post but I'm not going to.
If you want to know more about The Tielman Brothers you can find a lot of info on Andy Tielman's wiki page, 
this website has a good overview of their discography 
and a bit about indo-rock here.

This 7" is from their heydays.
On the a-side is a cover of Maria, the West Side Story ballad. 
On the b-side is Marabunta, an awesome Indo-rock tune.
Unfortunately I don't have the original sleeve, but I am sure you can get it from discogs or one of the other websites I linked to:)


3 Feb 2014

Tempo Tropica - Gado Gado / Rangkaian Melati

The second post of today is a band called Tempo Tropica.
The song Gado Gado is (ofcourse) about the traditional dish Gado Gado, and which ingredients are in it:)
It's a sort of Hawaiian version of the old Goody Goody song, so that makes it pretty catchy. 

For me it usually ends up wanting to eat Gado Gado or at least something with peanutsaus.

Rangkaian Melati is your typical nostalgia song.

(Half way through the song they sing the same lyrics in Dutch)

Like the Tong Tong 7inch I've upload both sides on youtube some years ago:
Gado Gado
Rangkaian Melati

If you are interested in the mp3's:
Tempo Tropica

Enjoy the music!
And perhaps see you on facebook soooon 

Tong Tong 0001

Today I will be posting two 7inches, "mini elpeetjes" ;)
The first one is released by the Tong Tong Foundation. It was their first record and I think they were trying something new and modern.
They made an excellent choice in my opinion.
Side a is a take on the traditional song Terang Boelan. (you can find more information about the song on wikipedia

I love this version! It's a very up-tempo and cheerful tune.
Side b is the story of Sleeping Beauty told in Dutch-Indonesian.
It's been told with such passion, even though you might not understand a word, it is fun to listen to. (sometimes it even looks like he's saying words backwards)
On the backside of the sleeve is all the info in Dutch about the release.

I have to say that I am very proud of having this record.
It was one of the first Dutch-Indonesian related records i bought and it's still my favourite. 

I've posted both sides about 2 years ago on youtube
Terang Boelan
Doornroosje op zijn Indisch
(I don't know why the Sleeping Beauty story got a thumb down:(

for the mp3's:

Tong Tong 0001

2 Feb 2014

Two Faces - Harry S. Is Harjanto - IML-001

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my blog.
Here I will be posting music I have found over the years that are Dutch-Indonesian related.
Sometimes when I go to fleamarkets or thrift shops and whatnots I find records that interest me because of my dutch-indonesian roots (and got a nice cover).

My first post is the band called Two Faces.
I don't know much about this band other than they look rad on the backside of the sleeve.
The music is nice and fuzzy because of the lo-fi recording and it's pretty funky every now and then. 
(You can find an other album of this band here at the Madrotter treasure hunt blog)

I hope you enjoy the music
and I hope you are interested in following my blog.